Vydubychi Church Choir: Recordings

Олександр Кошиць: Пісня Єднає Світи | Oleksandr Koshetz: Song Unites the World

"The creative personality of Olexander Koshetz is so bright that he made a significant impact on the development of choral singing not only in Ukraine but also in the US, Canada, and in European and South American countries swept by his enchanting Ukrainian Choir. Many believe that the Ukrainian cappella
under the direction of O. Koshetz contributed more in the early 20th century to a greater understanding among nations of the world of the newly formed European country of Ukraine than many years of work by the entire Ukrainian diplomatic corps.

A national composer can only be one whose love of his country generates folk songs that people consider
their own music. And this is the destiny of Olexander Koshetz, whose name Ukraine proudly bears and
reveres as one of its famous sons."

Mstyslav Yurchenko,
Professor, PhD Music Criticism


Співайте Богові нашому, співайте! | Sing Praises to our God, Sing Praises!

This joyful 2010 celebration of the first twenty years of the Vydubychi Church Choir brings together in one CD the richness of Ukraine's sacred music tradition — past and present — and feautures music by Dubensky, Vedel, Honcharov, Lysenko, Hurko, Turchaninov, Koshetz, Davydovsky, Verbytsky, Leontovych, Arkhanhelsky, Hnatyshyn, Bilykovsky — as well as a number of traditional chants and ancient melodies.


Vydubychi Church Choir: Praise the Lord from the Heavens

Хваліте Господа з Небес | Praise the Lord from the Heavens

Recorded in 2008, "Praise the Lord from the Heavens" expands on the Vydubychi Church Choir's repertoire of liturgical music. Including works by Telezhynsky, Zaiats, Liudkevych, Lomakin, Vedel, Arkhanhelsky, Soloviov and Haivoronsky — the recording features Dmytro Bortniansky's choral setting of nine irmoi from the Canon of Repentance (the Great Canon) of St. Andrew of Crete.


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Christmas | Різдво

The spiritual essence and joy of Christmas are beautifully presented in this recording by the Vydubychi Church Choir. The recording includes a superb presentation of traditional Ukrainian Christmas carols such as: «Бог ся Рождає» ("God is Born"), «Не плач, Рахиле» ("Weep not Rachael"), «Нова Радість Стала» "New Joy Has Come". Listeners will enjoy the unique sound of this recording.


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Liturgy No. 2

Newly composed rendition of The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom with extraordinary beauty and lyricism, masterfully performed by a fine professional choir from Ukraine. This CD is essential for all who are interested in following new developments in traditional Byzantine rite Christian liturgical music worldwide, or those who simply love inspirational choral music.


Vydubychi Church Choir: Roman Hurko Vespers

Свята Ніч | O Holy Night

This 2004 collection of Ukrainian Christmas songs and carols includes joyous Christmas and Epiphany carols, celebrating the birth of Jesus in bright song.


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Великдень | Easter

This 2003 celebration of "the greatest Christian feast, triumphant and joyful" resounds with Easter music by Vedel, Turchaninov, Verbytsky, Stetsenko, Yatsynevych, Liudkevych, Honcharov and Hnatyshyn in eighteen magnificent tracks that celebrate Christ's Resurrection — the hope and promise of mankind.

"A high quality recording of traditional Ukrainian Easter music performed by the renowned Vydubychi Chamber Chorus. The recording features six different versions of "Христос Воскрес" ("Christ is Risen") as well as a beautiful presentation of "Prayer for Ukraine".


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Golden Melodies

An exploration of the rich world of Ukrainian folk music, "the embryo of a nation's music culture."
This disc — recorded in the spirit of the celebrated 1919 European Tour of the Ukrainian Cappella under Oleksander Koshetz — features the works of Kolessa, Kozak, Rakov, Viniar, Avdiyevsky, Melnyk, Kushnirenko, Bondarenko, Orlov, Hnatyshyn, Liatoshynsky, Vedel, together with traditional cantos and folk songs.


Vydubychi Church Choir: Roman Hurko Vespers

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Вечірня | Vespers

This 2003 recording of Roman Hurko's Vespers was the fourth recording of sacred music by this Canadian-Ukrainian composer. In the words of Yuri Checkan, PhD Fine Arts, Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine: "the creativity of Roman Hurko fills a unique, original place in the Ukrainian choral landscape. Like the Vydubychi Church Choir that performs Vespers, this creativity safeguards for us the greateness of tradition, opens for us a deph of spirit, and maintains for us a link through time."


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Хваліте Ім'я Господнє | Praise Ye the Name of the Lord

Recorded in 2001, "Praise the Name of the Lord" is a collection of sacred music by some of Ukraine's most important liturgical composers: Dubensky, Lunaiev, Verbytsky, Leontovych, Hryhoriev, Davydovsky, Stetsenko, Vedel, Arkhanhelsky, Honcharov, Hnatyshyn — and others.


Vydubychi Church Choir: Roman Hurko Vespers

Бог cя Рождає | God is Born

A marvelous collection of 20 Christmas and Epiphany carols, traditional Christmas and Epiphany greetings, and the rich soundscape of churchbells in Kyiv.


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Молитву проллю | I will pour out my prayer

The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, as celebrated by Hegumen Sebastian of the Vydubychi Men's Monastery — Kyiv, Ukraine. Recorded in 1998, the CD is divided into four parts: the Liturgy of the Word, the Minor Entrance, the Liturgy of the Faithful and, the Lord's Prayer; Holy Communion; Dismissal — and features the works of Archbishop Nikanor, Ippolitov-Ivanov, Stetsenko, Turchaninov, Slastion, Leontovych, Zaiats, Davydovskyi, Telezhynsky, Koshyts, Bortniansky, Arkhanhelsky and Hnatyshyn.


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Воскресіння Твоє славимо! | We Glorify Your Resurrection!

This 1995 recording, dedicated to the celebration of Christ's Resurrection, also celebrates the Vydubychi Church Choir's fifth year in existence — one of the first choirs in Ukraine to reinstate the singing of the Divine Liturgy and sacred music in Ukrainian — and sparking a revival and renewed interest in the Ukrainian liturgical music tradition.